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. jerry sandusky walked out of court just moments after learning he will never be a free man again. thank you for joining us.
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i'm jc hayward. former penn state football coach jerry sandusky will mostly die in prison. the 68-year-old convicted sex offender was sentenced today to at least 30 years in prison. a judge handed down the sentence this morning in bellfont, pennsylvania. andrea mccarren is there live. >> reporter: that sentence me down after a heartbreaking and emotional testimony from four of sandusky's victims, three of them right in the courtroom. one by one they detailed his abuse, his betrayal and the man he inflicted on their lives and on their families. one victim testified, quote, he called it horseplay and only later did i understand this was sexual assault. i'm troubled by flashbacks of his naked body. it is real. it is painful. and will be inside me forever as an open wound. he took away my childhood the
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day he soughted me. -- he assaulted me. then jerry sandusky stood wearing an orange jail jumpsuit and addressed the judge, his voice choked by tears. quote, i'm filled with emotion and determination. i didn't do these alleged disgusting acts. we will continue to fight. there's much to fight, he said, alluding to his planned appeal. and then he added, those who still believe in us are the ones who matter. after the sentence was handed down, both the prosecution and defense spoke before a swarm of media. first we're going to hear from prosecutor joseph mc mcgeddedin. >> i believe the sentence was a wise one. the harm he caused and the need to remove him from society. the victims' statements were a vivid reminder of the
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defendant's brutal crimes. frankly the defendant's behavior and statements today were consistent with the behavior throughout the period of time covered by the trial. that he displayed deservians, narcissism, a lack of feeling for the pain he caused others, and to the end an unwillingness to accept responsibility. >> we're going to challenge the fact we needed more time to prepare adequately jerry's defense. we needed more time to go through that information, to develop further investigative needs, and we simply ran out of time. we had to cut off our investigation to get ready to go to trial. we were literally preparing the night before each day with material that in some cases came in within days of the trial starting. >> reporter: again defense attorney joe amendola. once again to be clear, the defense team does plan an appeal. the prosecution indicated it is still an active investigation when asked if the team would be seeking any additional victims
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in the case. in closing, an eloquent remark, before the sentence was handed down. senior judge john cleland addressed the victims directly and he said it is for your courage and not for your assault that you will be remembered. reporting live from bellefonte, pennsylvania, i'm andrea mccarren. back to you. prince george's county delegate tiffany austin is going on trial today. the democratic lawmaker is accused of using campaign money to help pay for her wedding expenses. earlier this year she was found guilty of using $800 in state money to pay an employee in her law office. some train traffic is moving between baltimore and wilmington. service was shut down this morning, however, following a power problem. and that meant no amtrak service between baltimore and philadelphia and no bart service north of baltimore. delays will continue throughout
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the day. at least one track is now open. students at woodson high school returned to school this morning, one day after the body of their missing classmate was found in a nearby park. the family of bryan glenn says that they are sure it is their son. but fairfax county police have not identified the body or determined the exact cause of death. kristin fisher caught up with glenn's classmates as they arrived at school this morning. >> i don't know what to think. i don't know what else to do. all i can do is pray right now for his family. >> reporter: students at woodson high school are wearing all black today in honor of their classmate bryan glenn. the 17-year-old had been missing since last monday and hundreds of volunteers spent the last week looking for him. it was one of those volunteers that found the body deep in the woods at thaiss park. yesterday his parents released a statement saying with tremendous sadness in our hearts we learned this afternoon of our son bryan's
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death. this devastating news has been a great shock to our family and friends. right now this family and our community are grieving and we need to let the investigation run its course. at first fairfax county police called it an apparent suicide on twitter, though they wouldn't identify the body. then they posted that it was too early in the investigation to determine circumstances of death. but ask any of bryan's classmates and they say it's already being talked about on campus as a suicide. >> we're all wondering why this could happen or how this happened or what pushed him. >> i just think it's really rough for the woodson community and all the cavaliers. >> reporter: if it indeed is determined to absuicide, it would be -- to be a suicide, it would be the third at this high school in just two years. >> i wish i could have done something to help. >> we have to take this as a learning lesson and continue forward and make sure something like this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: in fairfax, kristin fisher, 9news now. fairfax county police say they are waiting for the
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medical examiner to complete an autopsy before they can determine the official cause of death. the number of people sickened by that deadly meningitis outbreak has now reached 105. and eight people have died. most of the cases are in virginia, tennessee and michigan, but there are also cases in maryland. doctors expect the numbers to grow over the next few weeks. all patients got fungal meningitis from tainted steroid injections for pain. >> that period of time from the exposure, the inoculation to the onset of symptoms can be quite prolonged, up to a month and maybe even a little bit longer. >> symptoms include headache, nausea, dizziness and fever. doctors say this form of meningitis is not contagious. a man is about to try a free fall from 23 miles over earth. felix bottom gardner --
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bomgardner plans to launch from a balloon, take it to the edge of the extras fear and then jump of -- strasphere and then jump. it's taking place above the new mexico desert. we'll let you know how he does tonight on 9news now at 5:00. coming up next, the family that's suing because their kids did not get into harvard. >> plus, how you can eat italian food and stay in shape. we'll be right back.
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. a judge has ordered a curfew for former d.c. council member kwame brown. judge richard leon says brown needs to be home between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. brown apologized to the court after failing to report by phone on three separate occasions as part of his
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prerelease conditions. brown is set to be sentenced in three weeks on a bank fraud conviction. well, when your kids do not get into the college of your choice, did you sue? a couple from hong kong is suing a u.s. college after their two sons did not get into an ivy league school. the couple said they paid more than $2 million to get their sons into an elite university. preterribly harvard. they now want their many back. american david wineland and frenchman certainly haroche are the 2012 nobel prize winners in physics. they were cited for their groundbreaking efforts for measuring and manipulation of quantum systems. but because of the world economic crisis, their winnings are down from $1.5 million to $1.2 million. coming up ahead, d.c. gets
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ready to host its first playoff baseball game since fdr's administration and howard will tell us whether the weather is going to be good. >> looking much better tomorrow once we get into the afternoon. some sun returns. right now getting a little brighter out here. hoping for a little sun this afternoon. that should warm us up a bit more. still kind of cool. look at the temps as we -- temps as we go to break. 54 laurel. 52 in alexandria. full seven-day forecast looking ahead toward tomorrow, the nats game and the weekend when we return.
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the naptions are back in washington right now following yesterday's -- the nationals are back in washington right now following yesterday's rough outing in st. louis. it was a 12-4 victory for st. louis in game two the series is now tied one game each. game three is tomorrow. it's at 1:00. and it's at nationals park. we're going to win. win, win, win we are. >> the weather nice tomorrow afternoon actually. upper 60s, 70 degrees. that looks good for that. >> shall we say congratulations to andrea roane for her 19th anniversary of buddy check 9. >> a nice celebration this morning. >> the cheese cake factory was in the house this morning with pancakes, french toast, bacon, eggs, coffee, juice. >> they have the fluffiest pancakes. >> andrea roane, 19 years of buddy check 9. she's helped so many women who have had breast
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cancer and avoided breast cancer because of buddy check 9. >> we're learning about male breast cancer as well. call your buddy, do your exams and prevent this from getting any worse than it needs to be. we have a decent afternoon out there after what was a little bit after drizzly, wet morning in spots. here's a look at your day planner on this tuesday. we're looking at this clouds now. but i think we're going to get into some sunshine as temperatures climb toward the 60-degree mark for a high in the next few hours. might even get to low 60s if we can eke out enough sunshine, north to northeast winds at 5 to 8 miles an hour. the light winds and low level moisture around town, looking at potentially fog and drizzle developing tonight into late wednesday morning. we have a couple of showers over on the delmarva. very light ones but sunny breaks out to the west where culpeper is up to 59 degrees. still low 50s in the shenandoah valley. frederick, they run warm but 61 officially coming out of them with easton and cambridge and
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baltimore all at 57 and la plata at 54. as we look outside on our michael & son weather camera, lots of clouds here. we're looking off toward the east. seeing a little bit of brightness out to the west and southwest. we'll get into some sunshine here during the afternoon. not sure we'll see too much but we'll see sm. north wind -- see some. north winds at 7. humidity 74%. sweat shirt weather this afternoon. the next thing we're going to watch is up in the midwest coming through the northern plains. rain and just a touch of snow here in northern north dakota with the storm system. this cold front is marching off to the east and southeast. the moisture with this looks like it's going to stay north. it will come through tomorrow. by the way remember the breaks i was talking about? you can see them here just off to the west. we do have some sunshine starting to appear. this afternoon mostly cloudy, partly sunny. a little bit more sun west. thicker clouds to the east. it might even still see a stray shower toward the delmarva, lower part of the bay. tonight the moisture condenialses as we cool down,
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light winds. we're going to -- condenses as we cool down, light winds. we're going to have some fog. remember the nats game 1:00 p.m. tomorrow. we're looking sunny around here. temperatures in the 60s. maybe even pushing 70 for a high. front comes through in the afternoon but just not much weather with it. maybe a few clouds. might feel the wind change from the southwest to northwest direction. that will set the stage to a nice thursday and friday but a little bit after cooldown from where we're going to be tomorrow. as you look at the forecast you'll see today 60. if we get to 61, 62, still same ballpark with partly to mostly cloudy skies. tonight about 50 in d.c. with 40s north and west. some fog, some drizzle into wednesday morning. hopefully this won't impact the commute too much. but this should be the only fly in the ointment tomorrow with the 70-degree high, breezy, sunshine returning. thursday sunny and cool, 66. nighttime close to being in the mid-40s in town. friday 64. then look, we're going to turn the corner. saturday just in time for the
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weekend 70 degrees. sunday 77. should be nice for the redskins game and monday also 77 degrees. jc, back to you. >> thank you, howard. in a few minutes i'm going to be in the kitchen with an italian chef. most people think gosh, you eat italian food, you're going to grow. but he has a secret weapon and i have the secret weapon here. that is his trainer. the trainer's name is charlie and you train a lot of people who run marathons. the chef does. when you're running a marathon or if you're eating italian food, how can you stay fit? >> welsh it's all about having a smart plan and with that comes smart nutrition eating well throughout the week, before the run and post-run recovery. hydration playing into that as well. and that means kind of a balance of proper proteins, good fats, and good
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carbohydrates. >> versus bad ones like jelly donuts. that's not good. >> right. whole grains, pastas, baked potatoes, things like that those are fundamental building blocks to a good diet for any type of endurance athlete but especially a marathon trainee. >> you're wearing a lovely green t-shirt that says leukemia and lymphoma society team in training. do you work with people who are training for a marathon for leukemia? >> i'm a coach for a team in training. we're one of the fund raising arms for the leukemia and lymphoma society. we train people for a variety of events. marathons, half marathons, century bike rides, triathlons and in return for training these athletes, they raise money for the leukemia and lymphoma society. this is the chef's third
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marathon with the society. >> a new person like me, can i get into a marathon? >> absolutely. we have people who have never done this before starting from scratch. >> really? >> and they go on to a successful completion of their marathon. we have people like the chef, this will be his 12th overall. we have upcoming seasons forming now for the rock 'n' roll u.s.a. marathon in march as well as the nike half hair thon in d.c. that -- marathon in d.c. that will be in april. >> thank you for supporting the leukemia and lymphoma society. thank you for being with us. we're going to be in the kitchen with the chef in just a moment so don't go away. i'm be right back.
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i'm one on one with the
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owner of al tear ma sue in dupont -- tear ma sue -- tiramisu in dupont, circle. how many marathons do you run? >> i'm -- i've run 11 and i'm going to do the one in october which is going to be my 12th. >> you eat italian food because you're italian. >> exactly. >> you stay in shape. >> yes. >> and you eat pasta. >> i eat the pasta for lunch. just in moderation. i eat a lot of fish because they're very digestible. they have a lot of protein. >> what are these things? >> here they're called -- [indiscernible] the most important, they have a lot of omega 3. a fresh selection arrives every day. >> these fish look beautiful. >> attaching you. >> you brought two -- thank
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you. >> you brought two prepared dishes. >> yes. right now we have the beans. they're nice and sweet. >> i haven't seen these. these are red and white. they're beautiful. >> there are so many varieties. they usually last two or three weeks. after that, then they are dry so you need to put them in the water. this one i cook 15, 20 minutes. they're easy to cook. then i also have the saba imeens. -- saba beans. there's a lot of fiber and protein. today i have the tenderloin. it's south of italy. [indiscernible] >> so lots of fish. >> yes. >> beans and of course beautiful vegetables. >> yes, exactly. >> nice, fresh vegetables. they're beautiful. really nice. i know you have carrots. >> we have carrots, cabbage.
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absolutely fantastic for the minestrone. chickry, -- chicory, tender loin, broccoli, swiss charred and frerch beans over there -- french beans over there, too. >> al tiramisu is at dupont circle. what is your favorite dish? >> i cannot tell you. i have so many. >> you have so many? >> yes, i do. >> well, i'm sure all of them are delicious. so visit al tiramisu at dupont circle and say hello to chef luigi. if you want to run a marathon-- >> i want to say to my old teammates, go team. >> okay, go team. thank you, chef, for being here. thank you, charlie. we wish you good luck. you eat a lot of italian food of course. >> i love italian food. thanks for being with us. come back and visit us at 5:00.
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>> it's going to be better this afternoon. maybe fog or drizzle tomorrow morning. topper will have more this afternoon at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. congratulations again to andrea roane. 19 years of buddy check 9. i'm so proud of her.
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